5 well know Bangkok scams to avoid

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Bangkok is an incredible city to visit, favoured with an abnormal state of safety contrasted with some other nations on the planet. In any case, much the same as anyplace, some corrupt people have some expertise in the specialty of exploiting new tourists. Notwithstanding their scams and being fairly self-evident, individuals somewhat credulous still fall into the miscreants’ net each and every day. When it occurs, individuals acknowledge they really had all the warning signs but for reasons unknown they didn’t realize. In all the accompanying scams the examples are comparable and a straightforward “No, thank you” is all you have to state… Presently read these exemplary scam stories…. what’s more, utilize common sense!

Grand Palace is closed today scam!

The Grand Palace

This is a extraordinary scam compared to other known tricks but then again many travelers get bulldozed by it. You are strolling around one of the Bangkok tourist spots, suppose the Grand Palace (Wat Phra Kaew), Wat Pho or even Khaosan Road. A grinning Thai with an intriguing grin and easygoing vibes, asking “Where you originate from?” or other casual discussion to make you feel calm, regularly in excellent English . The person will ask where are you going and by doing as such will rapidly break down what your identity is and if this is your first time in Thailand. In the event that it is, the story begins. “Goodness you need to see the Grand Palace today? Such misfortune it is shut for the entire day for an exceptional religious occasion!” obviously this sort of trick happens a long way from the door, ensuring you can’t see a genuine group strolling in. Rather, he will offer you to see other extraordinary sanctuaries around Bangkok on his tuk tuk for just 20 to 40 baht, and he can even be your manual for a magnificent day you will always remember. (As it were, he is directly about that). As you are baffled to have made a trip only to find the Grand Palace shut, you will feel glad you found this man on your way. He will take you on a fun tuk tuk ride to another sanctuary which will most likely be extremely pleasant, expanding your degree of trust. In this sanctuary you will ‘unintentionally’ meet another ‘fair’ man who will invite you and inquire as to whether you caught wind of this extraordinary government advancement (called Thai Gem Expo or comparative names), which enables vacationers to purchase obligation free diamonds and stones with no effort. Presently here is the way the scam works for him.

1) He will stop at an ‘Approved’ TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) office just on the off chance that you might want to exploit those astounding travel bargains that are simply finishing today. What a possibility! Obviously, the organization is not the slightest bit associated with the TAT, and the arrangement doesn’t end today… it’s not by any means an arrangement since you likely will pay more than in some other shops.

2) He will stop at the previously mentioned gem shop where somebody will demonstrate to you some lovely stones, possibly genuine ones. But since the offer is sans obligation, the pearls you are purchasing should be delivered legitimately to your street number. The stones will truly arrive, yet the market estimation of what you will get will be strangely low. From this minute ahead, the well disposed grinning fellow will progress toward becoming increasing pushy, attempting using any and all means to make you purchase, at that point all of a sudden he will evaporate while you are visiting the following sanctuary. Step by step instructions to remember it: While it is exceptionally typical for individuals to help you when you do need assistance, it is extremely suspicious when somebody offers you help when you had not asked for it. A benevolent obscure Thai person communicating in English excessively well, particularly close to a traveler zone is normally a scam master. He frequently conveys a guide and an umbrella since it’s hot for him to be out there throughout the day.

Tuk Tuk Scam

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Like the Grand Palace trick, yet in an all the more straight forward way: Tuk Tuks parked at tourist spots, hotels, shopping centers and other visitor spots request an over the top toll for a short journey and additionally serve you the standard scam thing being, “Would you be able to please enable me to get free gas by simply ceasing a couple of minutes at a jewel shop? You don’t need to purchase something, you can simply glance around and leave.” Because you are an extremely decent individual, you wouldn’t fret, just to do your irregular demonstration of generosity for the afternoon. A great many people wind up purchasing something and in the best case the driver will recover his kick, in the most pessimistic scenario you will purchase a sublime bit of hued glass. Step by step instructions to remember it: Avoid Tuk Tuks stopped close shopping centers and lodgings or refuse any stop while in transit to your destination.

The PatpongScam

Finding the Bang in Bangkok: A Night in Patpong

The great old Patpong scam still works as easily as it did twenty years back, exploiting the devious interest of male sightseers, particularly (yet not just) those with that conspicuous blameworthy look. As you stroll through the red light district region of Patpong, attempting to choose which Go bar looks the least suspicious, a man approaches you with “The Menu”. “The Menu” is a rundown of all the fun gymnastic abilities you will be fortunate enough to observe on the off chance that you follow him (think Ping Pong, yet not as a game). Obviously you are interested and you reserve the privilege to be… as you couldn’t decide prior, you think this is most likely tantamount to any (You can’t generally observe anything of what truly occurs behind the shut window ornaments of the bars you strolled by up until this point). The person includes “on the off chance that you not like, you no compensation” which as a rule works and you follow him. Presently this is the point at which you can begin being suspicious. The bar is typically upstairs and has no name… only a plain entryway opening on a little obscure bar with a little bundle of young ladies. No issues up until now. ‘Sit down what you need drink?’ a few young ladies sit beside you with huge grins and little swimming outfits. You request a beer, and by doing as such you are as of now accomplished for the afternoon! The young ladies will demand for a woman drink. Practically all will demand. Need to ask what amount does a woman drink cost? “Don’t sweat it! Same as yours!” obviously you have no clue how much yours cost in any case, however you’ll discover soon enough. Some sort of show begins, likely one from “The Menu”, only one little stunt and as of now you will be mentioned to tip liberally. By then the vast majority discover something isn’t exactly right and think about leaving. Check please! 2,000 baht sir… which is the cost for your beer and some woman drinks you can’t generally recall requesting. Obviously you will challenge that bill, yet the enormous person by the entryway will give you “The Look” and perhaps a little markdown, however pay the charge, you will! The most effective method to Recognize it: Any person moving toward you with a shrewd menu is suspicious… every one of the bars at ground level in Patpong have fixed costs for beverages, while any situated above is presumably a trick.

The Taxi Scam

Multi Colored Taxis in Bangkok

This is a simple trick to spot and a simple one to stay away from once you know about it. In front of each 4 and 5 star inn there are constantly a few taxis stopped throughout the day with cab drivers standing nearby, clearly not frantic to get any clients from the road. These cabs may have all the earmarks of being lodging devoted however they are not the slightest bit in affiliation to your inn. Rather they will spot lodging guests searching for a taxi and mercifully offer their services. Since they are constantly stopped here you feel that is advantageous, so you bounce in and off you go. That is the point at which you understand that the meter is off, so you sympathetically request to have it turned on. By then the driver will make an offer, something like 500 baht to the airplane terminal (rather than the typical 300, 350), however will never switch on his meter. As you are as of now moving it’s difficult to request that the taxi stop, particularly since your bag is in the back trunk. The most effective method to stay away from it: As you presently realize how to distinguish these taxicabs, simply banner one going by in the road.

The Khlong Scam

Khlong scams in Thailand — Travelscams.org

Like the Grand Palace trick, the khlong trick isn’t as prevalent as it used to be as the khlongs are not what they used to be either. An agreeable Thai man (he could be youthful or old) will approach you in the road, seeing your unquestionable lost look. He will pose the typical non meddling inquiries: “where do you originate from”. Those folks consistently have a story about your nation and consistently know a few sentences in your language… they likewise appear to know all the football players from each nation, so on the off chance that you are a football lover, you simply got yourself a pal. The man will offer you to ride in his companion’s longtail boat to go around the celebrated khlongs of Bangkok at an absurdly minimal effort (you know, the channels). It’s too decent to be in any way evident will you think (without a doubt) and the man is so well disposed and he can even communicate in English! The visit is genuine and in reality decent so appreciate it. He is so kind he may even stop at a riverside bar and offer you a coke. Everything looks OK, and as the ride is going to end you think how fortunate you have been today! As you approach the dock, you are going to discover how fortunate you truly have been. The motor prevents 200 m from the dock and your new companion will request an extra 1,000 baht – or more – for the expense of the pontoon ride. Regardless of what you state and the amount you contend, the boat won’t get any nearer to the dock. You will obviously pay since they are two, the person and the vessel driver, and swimming back to the wharf with your costly camera and cell phone does not merit a thousand baht. Step by step instructions to Avoid it: once more, utilize your common sense. Try not to believe outsiders moving towards you with what seems genuine helpful goals. Simply grin and decline. On the off chance that you need to investigate the klongs by vessel, book from a visit operator or at the docks.