10 unusual things to do in Bangkok

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Bangkok is a city rich with complexities, logical inconsistencies and juxtapositions. This throbbing city is a rich rearing ground for the peculiarly excellent and delightfully weird, and you’re certain to discover something that makes you stop, gaze and reach for your camera in amazement. Whether it is the tasteful magnificence of Chiang Mai or the staggering vistas of Hong Kong, Bangkok more than compensates for with its odd, insane, or out of peculiar sights – frequently the aftereffect of hundreds of years old Buddhist culture being pushed into the 21st century…blindfolded. In the event that you think you’ve seen all that Bangkok brings to the table, at that point inundate yourself in the incalculable peculiarities that Bangkok hurls over and over with our rundown of the 10 Most Unusual Sights in Bangkok.

The Phallic Shrine

The Bangkok Phallic Shrine With Lots Of Wooden Penis At Pratunam.. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 67935603.

At the Goddess Tubtim Shrine several larger than average phalluses of every kind imaginable stand tall, glad, and might we venture to state, erect – verification that even in the spirit world size truly does matter still! Found in the grounds of the Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel, individuals rush here to discover fruitfulness.

Erawan Museum

Erawan Museum Bangkok - A Complete Temple Guide

A colossal, three-headed elephant statue remaining upon a similarly huge platform is the first, and last, thing you see when visiting Samut Prakan’s Erawan Museum. It’s a magnificent, transcending monster: 250 tons in weight, 29 meters high, 39 meters in length, and cast in unadulterated, green-shaded copper.

Forensic Museum

Bangkok Forensic Museum, Bangkok - Times of India Travel

Cadavers of mass killing savages, glass containers containing disfigured infants and horrifying dissection photos are altogether protected for successors in Bangkok’s own one of a kind lobby of revulsions. Not for the cowardly.

David Beckham Museum

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Wat Pariwat has been nicknamed ‘David Beckham Temple’ for an abnormal reason. In the back corner of the enormous special stepped area of this huge however unknown looking sanctuary, a Garuda, one of those mythic winged animals, has been supplanted by… David Beckham! Executed by a fan with the understanding of the abbot in 1998, the statuette is just 30 cm high and the hair style on the cutting isn’t exactly the one we know.

The Human Body Museum

Museum of the human body in Bangkok: description, time, entrance fee how to  get

The Human Body Museum in Siam Square is an abnormal and astonishing presentation of 14 dissected human bodies from Japan. Some may think this is an extremely unpleasant thought yet there is consistently a little group of spectators who are intrigued by grim things while on vacation. Be that as it may, as this presentation is situated inside the Faculty of Dentistry working at the medicinal college of Chulalongkorn, it additionally bodes well as an instructive display. Not at all like the old dusty and rather vile scientific gallery in Thonburi, the human body show is as sterile as a working theatre.

Elephant Building

Elephant Building – Bangkok, Thailand - Atlas Obscura

A monstrous milestone in the Chatuchak area is the Elephant Tower, it is one of the most one of a kind structures in Bangkok. The three towers (A, B, and C) make up a state of Thailand’s national creature, which can be seen even from the Expressway. On the correct edge of the structure you can likewise observe an eye and tusk. The structure is utilized as a townhouse, office space, and furthermore houses a language school.

Giant Dragon Tower

Wat Samphran - The dragon temple just outside of Bangkok | Bookaway

Found well outside Bangkok, this strange sanctuary merits referencing with its goliath winged serpent wound around the red 17-story tower. The leader of the monster mythical serpent is unmistakably obvious from a separation, however the sanctuary is situated close to the expressway and the vast majority don’t set aside much effort to see it. The sanctuary grounds are wealthy in enhancements, statues of creatures and more monsters. It’s difficult to get to, yet it’s justified, despite all the trouble.

Bangkok’s Correction Facility Museum

Corrections Museum - A Look At Bangkok's Gruesome Past - Renegade Travels

The Bangkok Correction Museum is another one of these unpleasant eccentric places a few voyagers appear to appreciate. Set in the three structures of what used to be a most extreme secure jail built in 1890, the Correction Museum is situated on Maha Chai Road, simply past Chinatown. It is a fascinating spot to visit in the event that you are a ‘unusual stuff’ tracker. The Prison used to cover a bigger zone yet was changed over into the Rommani Nart open park in 1987. While dynamic, the prison could hold around a thousand detainees in conditions that were… not exactly agreeable.

The Robot Building

The Robot Building (Bangkok) - Infy world

First opened in 1986, the ‘robot building’ is situated on South Sathorn Road. As indicated by the modeler, the first motivation for the 20-story building originated from his child’s toy robot. Complete with ‘eyes’ and ‘reception apparatuses’, the structure’s particular qualities veils the way that the components of the outside plan fill genuine needs. For example, the curiously large ‘jolts’ and ‘caterpillar wheels’ go about as sunshades and shelters.

Abandoned Sathorn Tower

Ghost Tower {How To Climb Bangkok's Forsaken and Haunted Skyscraper}

‘Sathorn Tower’ is a 50-story spooky structure. Deserted since the 1997 financial crisis, this solid stone monument should end up one of the most luxury homes in Bangkok. You can’t resist the urge to see a solid similarity with the adjacent high rise ‘State Tower’ home of the well known Sky Bar (you know, the one in the motion picture ‘The Hangover II’), with its run of the mill round galleries and Roman segments. The building is presently part of regular Bangkok life as it is utilized as a help for an immense promoting advertising service.